The letter “S” is set as the basis to display an entire feeling by expressing the English term of Songdulla in the center.
The half circle on the top expresses the unlimited development of Songdulla spreading across the sky and towards the space and the extensive ambitions of Songdulla. The half circle on the bottom refers to the sea level and can be seen as the path of Songdulla advancing to the sky as well as the sea.
The English term of Songdulla in the center refers to Songdulla standing in the middle and displays the great ambition of Songdulla standing in the center of the world in the future.


The basic color of the wordmark uses blue, the common color of the sky and the sea pursuing unlimited hope, dreams, courage, and progress.
Also, a one degree color has been used throughout to increase the value of use of identity in complex designs of magazines, packaging, and advertisements, and simultaneously to attempt the promotion of recognition.


The wordmark is to be suitably used in Korea, a mix of Korean and English, and English based on use.
However, the means of use should be discussed with the CI producer when the prepared CI is not suitable.