This is Seok-Geun Song the CEO of Songdulla Motors Co., Ltd.

The motto of Songdulla has a history of 25 years to the early 1990’s, but the construction of the sales network of the current system began in December 2006 so is looking at 10 years.

The past 10 years is a short period compared to the 100 years to come. However, the motor vehicle market is not a short period compared to the rapidly changing modern era.

With the barren recap market as the beginning until the current reproduced parts market, the time the distribution network was pioneered and arduously maintained, and the time each client was pursued and each market was developed by seeking various parts…
The parts market, which has now grown along with the motor vehicles market, is now facing a new turning point.

Parts change when motor vehicles change.
Based on the past 10 years, we will make an intensive effort to become a corporation that can continue 30 years, 50 years and 100 years. Recently, the interest of standard consumers, rather than the interest of motor vehicle related workers is explosively increasing.

We will increase the awareness of standard consumers through emotional management. Currently, repair workers are familiar with parts distribution companies that sell excellent products, but we will make greater effort than now as we are a slightly unfamiliar company to standard consumers who operate vehicles.

We will also make an effort to become a company that grows by breathing with repairers, and by allowing easy purchasing to standard consumers through open management. We will prepare a frame that jointly grows by selling the soul of Songdulla to repairs, rather than simple part sales.

We will prepare an independent repair market like advanced countries through future management. Songdulla will become the best distribution corporation related to maintenance parts as an advance guard in any maintenance environment.

Please continue your interest in us so that we may grow into a motor vehicle parts specialist distribution corporation, and please continue to provide us your support so that we may use it as our strength to become the best.